The Education programs of Lucita International Preschool are based on WALDORF/STEINER EDUCATION to create the best learning environment for children. The Theory was developed by Rudorf Steiner in application of “Anthroposophy” philosophy (known as the Understandings of  the natural development of human beings). The programs include diverse topics: Mathematics, Science, Language (poetry reading, storytelling ..), Second Language Immersion, Art (Singing, dancing ..), Communication, Drama, Gardening, Cooking, Physical Education, Visiting picnic, Performance & Guests …<

Waldorf/Steiner Education – Education of XXI century

Waldorf Education follows Peace Idealism, promoting moral values and responsible humanity. The education focuses on wholesome development of children – mind, heart, hands; creates the best environment for children to discover & develop their potentials, while offering protection and respect for the dignity of their childhood.

Waldorf Education Vietnamese Trade Mark Method

Academic Council of Lucita has successfully researched and developed the WEVTM Method- the Application of Waldorf / Steiner in Early Childhood Education in Vietnam (Waldorf / Steiner Education with Vietnamese PerspectiveTM). WEV method foundations are laid for children’s later learning and healthy development, and children are considered active authors of their own development. Children’s willpower, vitality, dynamism, ability to learn, ability to balance, self-development ability through experience have great influence on their development.
Lucita Education programs developed with a vision of Waldorf education on improving the quality of human society by helping children discover & develop their potentials, enable them to impart purpose and direction to their lives so as they will become confident, social-responsible & happy citizens.

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